A new residency programme launched in 2015 on the island of Örö in the Finnish Archipelago. We are currently scheduling a second term from 2016 to 2017.

A Fortress in the National Park

Örö is a 2 km2 island in the southern outskirt of the Finnish archipelago. Used as a military fortress from the early 1900s until the end of 2014, the island is now open for civilians and has become a part of the Archipelago National Park, administered by the Parks & Wildlife Finland.

Due to being closed from the general public for over 100 years, the island’s nature is unusually pristine and home to many rare species. With one side of the island facing the open Baltic Sea and the other side being sheltered by the picturesque lattice of the archipelago, Örö is a concentration of diverse habitats and geotypes. The military history and the ongoing conversion towards nature tourism add more layers to the scenery.

See a comprehensive introduction to Örö at the island’s official pages.

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The Residency Apartments

For the pilot period a wooden house “Impilinna”, built in 1943, has been in residency use. For the second term we are moving the residency to another house, “Mekka”. The building has two separate apartments, both having two rooms, kitchen and a bathroom with shower. An apartment can be utilized by a single visitor for a separate living and studio space, or shared by a workgroup or a family. The apartments are equipped with basic furniture and necessities for living.

Impilinna Impilinna, room 2 Mekka Mekka, unfurnished living room