How to apply

Our yearly open call has just ended. The programme will be published in the end of October -23.

A yearly Open Call

We are handing out most residency periods with an open call once a year. The next open call will be in autumn 2024.

In addition to the yearly call, we might have calls for various project-based residency opportunities as well as last-minute calls due to cancellations. Therefore we advise you to keep an eye on our website and our Facebook , Instagram and Res Artis pages. Additionally, you can subscribe to our Mailing List to receive announcements about any upcoming open calls, projects and workshops.

Unfortunately we are not able to accept applications outside the publicly announced calls. Detailed instructions for applying will be available on this page during the open calls.

Mailing List

Your address stays confidential with us and will not be transferred to any 3rd party or used for any marketing purposes.

What we Expect and Offer

Our main focus is artists working in experimental fields of art (could be anything from media, video, sound, photography and bio art to poetry, dance and performance, or something else), art-science collaborations and interdisciplinary art projects. We also encourage researchers in humanistic and social sciences with an interdisciplinary approach and critical cultural, environmental and political themes to apply. Organizations in the fields of art, culture and research are also welcome to apply.

The residency period is always free of charge. Please note that we are not able to cover your travel costs, materials, food or other daily expenses.

Our residency house has two apartments for the artists. One apartment can accommodate 1-4 adults or a small family comfortably. Taking along your peer, partner or family is allowed and even encouraged.

The apartments function as combined studio/living spaces and are equipped with basic necessities, furniture and tools for you to use. Please note that the apartments are not suitable for large-scale sculpturing/painting or other potentially messy work methods. It is possible to arrange separate, “rough” working spaces for such work on a case-by-case basis, but these are unheated spaces and therefore only suited for warmer periods.

You are free to do short visits to the mainland, though we expect you to spend the majority (3/4) of your residency period in Örö. Note that we do not expect you to realize a complete project during the residency. You may also use the residency as a catalyst for futher work or to concentrate in some vital phase in your ongoing projects.

Due to the remote location of the island and the quietness of the winter months, the residency programme is often a solitary retreat. We are an artist-run organization with limited resources and operate the residency remotely. Therefore a certain do-it-yourself attitude is required. You’ll mostly be there by yourself so the solitude of the winter season might take some getting used to. That said, there’s usually a service crew taking care of the island infrastructure, along with the occasional tourists. Food and other necessities can be ordered from a shop on the mainland by the ferry or a service boat. To get an idea of living conditions on Örö, please read through the island’s official pages and see our Visitor’s Guide.

We are happy to offer help and advice in practical matters and can arrange meetings, contacts and presentations (if possible to arrange during the pandemic). After your residency period you are required to write a short report of your experience. We may also occasionally wish to interview you. If it suits your work, you may also participate in our summer exhibition or other exhibition opportunities we might arrange.

The selected applicants need to sign a residency agreement and send us a deposit of 100 euros, which will be returned after the residency when you have filled our online report form.