Aino Aksenja

Aino Aksenja (b.1986) is an artist who looks for escape routes and tries to grow roots. Life and art intertwine in works that are site-specific installations, made-up rituals and stories. Aksenja is based in Helsinki, and her works have been shown in Finland, Sweden, Russia, Germany, Portugal, USA and South Korea.


Site-specific installation
Vacated apartment, objects (some drenched in river water)

Rivers flow toward oceans or other larger bodies of water; deltas exist as the lowest part of these rivers. If a river carries a great deal of sediment as it travels, and this settles out at its mouth, that area of land is called a delta. A river moves more slowly as it nears its mouth, or end. The slowing velocity of the river and the build-up of sediment allows the river to break from its single channel and expand in width. Heavier, coarser material settles first, while smaller, finer sediment is carried farther downstream. Deltas are dynamic areas that change quickly due to the erosion of unstable land during storm and flood events and the creation of new land. Not all rivers form deltas.

Location: Abandoned 50's rowhouse, apartment 5