Lilli Haapala

Lilli Haapala (born 1984) is a visual artist from Turku who works with, among other things, the medium of moving image and installation. Her works have been shown in several different locations and galleries and she has been working on several different islands ( in residencies). Various visual and existential connections guide Haapala’s artistic practice. She is interested in human’s ability to imagine alternative realities and strives to create alternative perspectives on reality in her art as well.

Her works often deal with the contradictions between what is seen, experienced and stated. She is especially drawn to water, plants and various natural phenomena. Haapala has been awarded the 2018 Art Foundation Meritan Young Artist Promise Award. She graduated from the Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts as a Master of Fine Arts in 2017, and as a visual artist (Amk) from the Turku Academy of Fine Arts in 2015.