Mina Mohseni

Mina Mohseni studied Graphic Design at high school. She pursued her studies in Painting at Soure University, Shiraz, from which she received her Bachelor’s degree, and afterward, she earned her Master’s degree in Painting from the Isfahan University of Art in 2011. She is the co-founder of Daraprints collective since 2009.

Her practice spans Drawing, installation, video, animation, and printed matter, all of which are approached with a socio-political and mythical engaged and researchled working methodology. The concepts of her artistic practice embody the question of the opposition of potential and vulnerability of humankind as opposed to its surrounding. they are mainly informed by myths and historical narratives, nature, morality, resistance, the Sisyphean state of the world. Mina has held six solo exhibitions and her works have been included in more than 20 group exhibitions in Iran, Kuwait, England, Turkey, Austria, and Lithuania. At present, she is working in her studio in downtown Tehran, preparing the new project for her upcoming solo exhibition.