Nada Gambier & Mark Etchells

Nada Gambier (FIN/BE) studied contemporary dance and choreography in London (LCDS at The Place) and Brussels (PARTS). In her work she navigates between theater, dance, performance and the visual arts. Nada also works as an artistic advisor and performer on other artists’ projects. Her own repertory consists of installations, stage works, works made for various public and private spaces, exhibitions and most recently the publication of a book. The non-spectacular, the absurd and an ongoing desire to reveal the extraordinary in ordinary life belong to her most known trademarks as an artist. Nada is based in Brussels, Belgium.

Mark Etchells (UK) studied Fisheries and Ocean Science to degree level, and worked on many fish farms throughout Europe and eventually, West Africa. Here he worked as a Fisheries Advisor through the auspices of VSO, a British based charitable organization that works in enabling local peoples with basic technologies. He is also a qualified TESOL teacher. He currently lives in North Devon, mainly rebuilding old stone walls, working with a tree surgeon and other land based building projects. Alongside this he has been engaged with various artistic projects over the last 30 years (mainly with Forced Entertainment, a Sheffield based performance and theatre company).

Nada and Mark have been working together since 2014. Time In Titles is their fifth creation together.