Tuhoon sopeutumisen instituutti

Institute for Coping with Destruction

(Heini Aho, Leena Kela, Eero Yli-Vakkuri)

In 2020 artists Heini Aho, Leena Kela and Eero Yli-Vakkuri formed the Institute for Coping with Destruction, which operates at the Archipelago Sea near the island of Örö. The Institute for Coping with Destruction exists as a physical site called Tuhon tila (Area of Destruction), which consists of 42 hectares of land formed by almost 300 islands, islets and underwater rocks the institute co-owns with many others. 

Co-ownership gives them rights to camp, make fire and use the islets for making art, but not to insert any permanent buildings there. By physically working at the Area of Destruction they are devising methods for coping with the present environmental destruction of the Baltic Sea and beyond. Dansangrundet is one of islets, which the institute acquired in order to establish environmental degradation and destruction observation posts into the Baltic Sea.