William Matheson

William Matheson Will Matheson is an artist living and working in Portland, Oregon (US). His work explores memory, ecology and destruction. He has been a resident artist at programs such as Taipei Artist Village, Mass Moca, Örö and the Vermont Studio Center. He has received grants from the Puffin Foundation, Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation and the [...]

Anne Järvi

Anne Järvi Anne Järvi (b. 1988) is a Finnish visual artist who mainly works with drawing, animation and textile sculpture. She is a graduate of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (BA). In her practice Järvi reflects on how it feels to live in the world, and endeavours to capture different emotions connected to it, such [...]

Anja Sidler

Anja Sidler Anja Sidler is working as a freelance animator, director and producer of animated shortfilms in Switzerland. anjawinzig.ch Flut FloodVisual tests for an animated shortfilm 2018 - 2021 To define the final look of a new shortfilm FLUT / FLOOD, I experimented with reclaimed window-glass, gouache, an old animation stand and digital photographs, some [...]


ALOES ALOES creates atmospheric soundscapes with pop-like melodies, vocals and occasional crude beats that interact with live generated images. Through their custom software and self-built instruments they play with compositions of ambient structures, melodic elements, voice, landscape and particle based visuals. New media artist Alex van Giersbergen and sound artist Marloes van Son (born in [...]

Alice Perets

Alice Perets Alice Perets. French artist of Ukrainian origin. Went to photography after literature and linguistics studies. Studied at French National Photography School in Arles and exhibited in France and Italy. In her work images and words are often tightly bound together. Her main interest lies in creating poetic metaphors of people's inner world and [...]

Aino Aksenja

Aino Aksenja Aino Aksenja (b.1986) is an artist who looks for escape routes and tries to grow roots. Life and art intertwine in works that are site-specific installations, made-up rituals and stories. Aksenja is based in Helsinki, and her works have been shown in Finland, Sweden, Russia, Germany, Portugal, USA and South Korea. aksenja.com Disappearing [...]

Amy Cutler

Amy Cutler Dr. Amy Cutler’s residency explored ecological film-making practice and narrative voice in extinction memoirs and geographical memoirs. The project’s stumbling double vision also returns again to the unstable figure and meaning of the “geographer” as a grieving narrator - as land writer, illusionist/fantabulist, or even fantasist, from Strabo and Mandeville on. What is [...]