Ilkka Pitkänen

Ilkka Pitkänen Ilkka Pitkänen (b. 1981) is a Helsinki-based artist. ile1.comEverything Flows... Videoinstallaatio 2023 Everything flows... (2023) is a video triptych shot at the island of Örö, Finland. The screen on the left shows a view of the sea from a cliff. The middle one shows the same landscape through the bore of a cannon, [...]

Naoyuki Kiyota

Naoyuki Kiyotanaoyukikiyota.comCOMPASS LETTERMixed media 2022 The Compass Letters were produced on the uninhabited island of Örö in Finland from the end of December 2021 to the beginning of February 2022, and 100 of them were sent around the world. These letters help evoke the presence of the sender, someone (at this time, me) who lives [...]

Émilie Payeur

Émilie Payeur Émilie Payeur is an interdisciplinary artist and herbalist living in Montreal, Canada. She is particularly fond of working with what is akin to sound, video, modeling clay, clay, found objects, elements from the nature, performance, most often in the context of installations.  ​She is interested in the notion of the sacred, ritual, dreams [...]

Tommi Tuurenpoika

Tommiäärmeniemi soul retrieval2023Location: 6" Canteen.

Sasha Tamarin

Sasha Tamarin Sasha Tamarin, b. 1986, Siberia. Currently lives and works in Tel Aviv. Tamarin has graduated from the MFA program of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, and earned his B.An in Photography & Communication from Hadassah College, Jerusalem. Sasha's main focus is on video and photography mediums, and his work is presented [...]

Colin Lyons

Colin Lyons Fusing printmaking, sculpture, and site-specific installation, Lyons' work employs the chemistry of etching to reflect on issues around climate-engineering, extraction, alchemy, and brownfield rehabilitation. Lyons' most recent site-based installations have been located in sacrificial landscapes such as tailing piles, historic flood infrastructure, decommissioned landfills, urban brownfields, and remote islands, where he develops contingency [...]

Lilli Haapala

Lilli Haapala Lilli Haapala (born 1984) is a visual artist from Turku who works with, among other things, the medium of moving image and installation. Her works have been shown in several different locations and galleries and she has been working on several different islands ( in residencies). Various visual and existential connections guide Haapala's [...]