Pia Palme

Pia Palme Pia Palme is a composer, performer, and artistic researcher from Vienna, Austria, with a focus on experimental music theatre. Known for her interdisciplinary formats, her practice often involves interactions with the environment, incorporating electronic music, writing, and visual art. The backbone of her work is the physicality of performance, a theme she regularly [...]

Jamie Allen

Jamie Allen Jamie Allen is occupied with the ways that technologies teach us about who we are as individuals, cultures and societies. His work has been exhibited internationally, from the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin to the American Museum of Natural History in New York to the Nam June Paik Art Center in Korea. He teaches, [...]

Riina Talvikki

Riina Talvikki I am a visual artist and intersectional feminist & environmentalist based in Helsinki, Finland. I work mainly with video and a wide range of different materials and modified objects. My aim is to work as ecologically as possible, mainly using recycled and found materials, and reusing them in many different contexts. During the [...]

Rob St John

Rob St John Rob St John is an artist and cultural geographer, based in rural Lancashire, UK. His practice is focused on the blurrings of nature and culture in contemporary landscapes. He works primarily across sound, moving image, installation and film photography. His work, usually based on slow, sustained periods of sited fieldwork, has been [...]

Sapphire Goss

Sapphire Goss Artist-filmmaker Sapphire Goss creates experimental videoscapes for commissions, installations, exhibitions and live events around the UK and internationally. Using obsolete technological methods and material techniques, footage is looped and processed until colours and shapes shift and become hyperreal and distorted. This is an ‘analogue uncanny’: scratchy, grainy and shimmering. Whether using physical elements [...]

Sophie Dvorak

Sophie Dvorak Sophie Dvořák (*1978 in Vienna, Austria) studied Art History, Photography and Fine Arts at the Glasgow School of Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Her artistic practice spans conceptual drawing, collage, sculpture and collecting. Questions referring to space, territories and their representational codes, history and perception are at the core [...]

Iona Roisin

Iona Roisin Iona Roisin (b. 1989) a British artist living and working in Helsinki, having graduated from Kuvataideakatemia in 2018. She has exhibited and screened work in Finland, the U.K., Estonia, Russia, France, the Netherlands and Croatia. Working across moving image and text, her practice is interested in difficulty, intimacy, failure and the insufficiency of [...]

Heikki Rönkkö

Heikki Rönkkö Heikki Rönkkö is a comic book artist living and working in Helsinki, Finland. He makes narratively and structurally experimental comics, and has various concerns. www.heikkironkko.com 59°N 22°E2020 A fever-dream document of island life, past and present. Part of multi-format comic series M. Other (2020-). NOTE: Work stolen from the exhibition!

Tanja Engelberts

Tanja Engelberts Tanja Engelberts investigates how to document landscapes that are no longer visible. Places of interest range from man made islands to the endless North Sea, and linger on the history of fossil fuels. The landscapes in recent projects were once the source of prosperity and are now going through significant changes. Reasons can [...]

Hanna Nielsen

Hanna Nielsen Hanna Nielsen is a Swedish artist mainly working with objects and sculpture. www.hannanielsen.com Change of Structures2017- Change of Strucutures is an ongoing workprocess where sculptural shapes, made of iron wire, creates playful shadows and reflections. Through the sculptures Hanna is looking at the relation between body- object- material- illusion- stillness- movement- change.