Taru Mäkitalo & Niko Liinamaa

Taru Mäkitalo & Niko Liinamaa We are artists and lovers, working with multimedia, music and installation. In our work we wish to bond with natural processes, abstraction and sound recordings, to create empathy and find connection. Our recent interests include concept of language, bodily forms, reflections of light and aesthetics of Björk circa 97-21. Pysähtyäpä [...]

Tiina Arjukka Hirvonen

Tiina Arjukka Hirvonen Tiina Arjukka Hirvonen (b. 1988, Rääkkylä) is an artist (BFA) and art educator (MA) who worked amid window renovation in the residency house, at the shooting range and the beaches of Örö island. She seeks joy by the waste piles of our consumer culture, making use of its excessive nature.   Olosuhteet [...]

Dana Neilson

Dana Neilson Dana Neilson is a multidisciplinary artist based in Helsinki.  Her practice includes ceramics, sculpture and video art. The overarching theme is her work is the relationship humans have with their environment usually encompassing the themes of experience and influence.  Her work has been exhibited in Iceland, Finland, Germany and North America. 30 days2018Test [...]

Becky Brewis

Becky Brewis Becky Brewis is an artist from London now based in Dundee. Her drawings, textiles and installations explore how the past permeates the present, psychologically and materially. Becky studied on the RoyalDrawing School’s funded postgraduate programme The Drawing Year (2015-16) and has just completed an MFA at Edinburgh College of Art. In 2018-19 she [...]

Azar Saiyar

Azar Saiyar Azar Saiyar (b.1979) is a Helsinki-based media artist and filmmaker who often uses archive materials as the basis for her works. Her films study and challenge these found images, texts and sounds, by looking closely, listening and going deep into details. azarsaiyar.net Kerro minulle Tell me2019 A narrator asks: “Do you know this [...]


Aukea Aukea is a collective of visual artists Eveliina Hämäläinen and Petri Saarikko based in Helsinki Finland since 2017. Works concern the natural emergence of painting. Aukea’s works have been seen in solo exhibition at Aine Art Museum in Tornio 2019 and in group exhibitions at Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art in New York 2019, Enia Gallery [...]

Annette Arlander

Annette Arlander Annette Arlander, DA, is an artist, researcher and a pedagogue, one of the pioneers of Finnish performance art and a trailblazer of artistic research. At present she is visiting researcher at Academy of Fine Arts University of the Arts Helsinki with the project Meetings with Remarkable and Unremarkable Trees. Her research interests include [...]

Tuomo Savolainen

Tuomo Savolainen Tuomo Savolainen is a visual artist based in Finland.He studied at Kankaanpää school of Art and did MA degree in Aalto University.He works primarily with installation, video and sound. Meriväripäiväkirja (seacolordiary)2018 Video, 34:04 min Meriväripäiväkirja explores the variations of the different colors and shapes of the sea. The film was shot daily on [...]

Ulla Kokki

Ulla Kokki Ulla Kokki (b. 1992 in Savonlinna) is a photographic artist based in Helsinki in Finland. Kokki graduated with a master’s degree in Photography from Aalto University of Arts, Design and Architecture in 2020. She received her BA degree from Turku Arts Academy in 2015. Her works have been shown e.g. in Titanik-gallery in [...]

Ulla Leppävuori

Ulla Leppävuori Ulla Leppävuori (Helsinki, MA) works from the sculptor’s point of view with the present observation alternately in rural and urban landscapes in her long term project - atmospheres from outdoors to indoors, from natural landscape to man made environment. She maintains together with a small group a little residency on the Utö island for [...]