Miika Tervonen

Miika Tervonen Miika Tervonen is a Senior Research Fellow at the Migration Institute of Finland, and a Docent of Nordic Studies at the University of Helsinki. He is interested in histories of diversity, mobility, nationalism, and the politics of forgetting. Puhdas Valkoinen Pure WhiteOsa teoksesta / Excerpt from work The work is a part of [...]

Miina Pohjolainen

Miina Pohjolainen Miina Pohjolainen is a Helsinki based artist-curator working in the intersection of contemporary art and spatial research. Her work addresses the impacts of economic mutations to spatial development, democracy and art. She has graduated from Aalto University’s Curating, Managing and Mediating Art MA-program with minor in Urban Studies and Planning in 2020. Sumu [...]

Minttu Maari Mäntynen

Minttu Maari Mäntynen Minttu Maari Mäntynen is a British-Finnish photographer and filmmaker, currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her work investigates what it means to live on a planet in constant process and transformation, and what it takes to belong in specific places and environments. Winter Swimmer2021 Winter Swimmer is part of a larger series of [...]

Mirjam Kroker

Mirjam Kroker With an academic background in Fine Arts/Culture and Social Anthropology, my way of working is research-based and extends from sonic recordings, document drawings, video sequences and objects, to working environments and spatial narratives. With a tendency for conceptual ideas and imaginative thinking. I address the making of any artwork as a way of [...]

Nada Gambier & Mark Etchells

Nada Gambier & Mark Etchells Nada Gambier (FIN/BE) studied contemporary dance and choreography in London (LCDS at The Place) and Brussels (PARTS). In her work she navigates between theater, dance, performance and the visual arts. Nada also works as an artistic advisor and performer on other artists’ projects. Her own repertory consists of installations, stage [...]

Nigel Helyer

Nigel Helyer Dr Nigel Helyer (aka DrSonique) is a contemporary inter-disciplinary artist whose work links Art and Science, or more accurately Poesis and Techne creating a strong embrace of the environment, identity and cultural history. He has an international reputation as a sculptor and sound-artist who creates large scale sound-sculptures, environmental artworks and inter-active bio-art [...]

Niina Vatanen

Niina Vatanen Niina Vatanen (s. 1977 Kuopio) on kuvataiteilija, joka työskentelee valokuvan, tekstin,  arkistojen ja installaatioiden parissa. Vatanen on valmistunut taiteen maisteriksi  Taideteollisen korkeakoulun valokuvataiteen osastolta (nykyinen Aalto-yliopisto)  vuonna 2008. Vatasen teosten keskeisiä teemoja ovat aikaan ja muistiin sekä näkemisen  ja havaitsemisen problematiikkaan liittyvät kysymykset. Hänen teoksiaan on nähty  vuodesta 2006 alkaen useissa gallerioissa, museoissa [...]

Noora Sandgren

Noora Sandgren Noora Sandgren is a visual artist, art educator, curator working with photography and its bendings, installation, texts and embodied practices. In her artistic research she's interested in the theme of fluidity, the inter- and intra-action of different materialities, their livelines within shared space at times marked by questions of entanglements. Noora works site-sensitively [...]


Pagan Pagan is a cross-disciplinary collective with a background in technology, film, interaction and games design. Pagan is connected by the joy of  experimentation and make-believe. We develop new methodologies through commissions, residencies and education work. We combine manufactured objects and ideas with the natural world and use digital technologies to explore natural boundaries and [...]

Peppi Reenkola

Peppi Reenkola Peppi Reenkola (b. 1992, Helsinki) is a contemporary artist, currently studying her masters degree in Fine Art at Bergen University in Norway. In her artistic practice she uses her own life and body as material to explore one’s constant need to better themselves and how that desire manifests in a larger, societal way. [...]